3 Reasons to Perform Pest and Termite Inspection in Perth Before a Property Purchase

Have you found the dream home you've been looking for? Just before you close the deal with the seller, perform a pest and termite inspection in Perth first. This is necessary to ensure that the property you are eyeing is indeed safe to live in and is not a money pit. Here are three reasons why it’s a good idea to do termite and pest inspections before moving forward with the purchase.

Quality Structural Inspection in Perth: All the Things You Must Know

Do you really need a structural inspection in Perth before buying the house that you want? The short answer is yes. It may feel like a waste of money, but pre-purchase building inspection will actually save you from surprise expenses and headaches in the long run.

Infrared Property Inspection in Perth – Advantages and Reasons Why You Need It

Buying a home is a big financial decision. You need to make sure that it is worth all your money and time in the long run, and one way to do that is by booking a professional inspector to conduct an infrared house inspection. Doing this should be part of the home buying process, as it can help verify the true, overall condition of the property inside and out. That said, it lets you see defects and potential problems, which may be hidden or incapable of being viewed by the naked eye. Through infrared or thermal imaging, hot and cold spots can be indicated throughout the inspection to reveal issues, such as moisture, leaks, mould, termite infestation, energy or heat loss, structural concerns, and cracks in the foundation.

Buying A New Property in Perth? Pre-Purchase Inspections Are A Must

Real estate is often a big investment, so it makes sense to ensure that you are investing your money and time in the right property. That said, one of the things you must consider is the pre-purchase building inspection. A professional inspection will be worth your extra time and money, as it can reveal major issues that may be present or unrevealed to you before closing. Think of it as a form of contingency in the contract you share with the seller. That way, in case of defects, is found through building inspections in Perth, you are allowed to back out of the offer without any penalties within the agreed time frame.

Does Your Home Inspection Really Need an Infrared Inspection?

Buying a home can involve a lot of decision-making, which can be influenced by many factors, like the condition of the property. You might be able to conduct a visual inspection on your own, but that can be limited only to what you can see. What about inside the walls and ceilings? An easier way to go about that is with an infrared house inspection. Thermal imaging is offered by reputable building inspectors to spot problem areas that may be invisible to the naked eye or inaccessible to regular visual inspections.


5 Aspects to Consider Before You Opt for Automated Inspection

How is your commercial property? Whether you own a small business or a medium to large company, it makes sense to ensure that your building is in good condition. This is why discerning businesses rely on automated commercial property inspection to assess their buildings and other properties routinely and according to an agreed schedule. Unbiased assessments of your property’s current condition will help you make an informed decision before you negotiate with tenants, tradespeople, and sellers. Just be sure to hire the right team of commercial property inspectors and that automated inspection is a service that is right for you. 

Basic Need for a Pre-Purchase Inspection in Perth

Investing in a property or buying a new home is a big decision that you want to be completely sure of before you proceed or finalise anything. The best way to gain more confidence is with a pre-purchase inspection in Perth, as it lets you get to know the property thoroughly, inside and out. A house may look nice and beautiful on the outside and when you take a tour inside, but its structural integrity and the inside of its walls may be failing, or there could be other underlying problems, such as pests hiding from plain sight. Only a professional building inspection service can reveal the true condition of the property before you buy and settle.

All You Need to Know About Pre-Purchase Termite Inspection in Perth

It can be devastating to find out that you have purchased a home that is infested by pests when you could have avoided the ordeal with a pre-purchase termite inspection. Termites can compromise the structural integrity of your property and the safety of your tenants, causing irreversible damage that can result in costly replacements and reconstruction. So, you want to make sure that your house is free of them. Only professional building inspectors in Perth can perform a full scan of your property to assure you that it is in good condition and that there is no threat of infestation.

Dilapidation survey in Perth- The basics

A dilapidation survey is a part of the building and property inspection conducted when buyers are about to purchase a property. The dilapidation survey, also referred to as the pre-condition-inspection survey, examines the structural condition of any existing structures present in the land before the commencing of new development in the land. In Western Australia, it’s always important to go for a dilapidation survey in order to avoid future disputes with the other property owners. A dilapidation survey also ensures that any development of structures in the property won’t affect the land in negative ways in the future. So, if you are the property buyer, you should contact a reputed inspection agency to do the dilapidation survey for you.

Why pick Choice for your pest and termite inspection in Perth?

When it comes to raising a new home/house or building in a property, there are a lot of facts you should consider. For example, you need to start with examining the land, and also hire inspectors to observe the land. Besides a building inspection, you also need to perform an inspection of pests. All these steps should be performed to understand the structure and condition of the property, and whether a building built on it could survive for years. However, not all agencies in Western Australia provide a one-package solution to get all these steps performed. Hence, you need to select Choice Inspections, the agency that provides the ultimate solution for building, pest and termite inspections and more in Perth.

The importance of Property Inspection services in Perth

There is nothing to deny that you are spending your hard earned money on a property with an expectation of getting a good return on investment (ROI). However, sometimes your decision may hit back and you may end up having not a good ROI as expected, or spending too much on renovations. Two major reasons behind this are: weak construction and a regular attack of termites. If a property is facing these two issues, then there can be low ROI in the future. So the best thing to do when looking for a property is by hiring a professional property inspection service that can help in getting the inspection done for you. Property Inspection services in Perth have years of experience and with more and more home buyers understanding the importance of their service, it has become necessary to hire.

Importance of Building Inspections and Points to be covered

When buying a new property, inspecting the construction is the primary thing to do. Be it inspecting the hidden termite or quality of the construction, there are different aspects considered when inspections are done. In Australia, a professional inspection company will inspect in and out of the property to ensure that the buyer invests in the right property. Building inspections in Australia are conducted by a professional company using expertise in the field. Whether the property is for resale or is newly constructed, inspecting before the purchase is important. However, as every other process, hiring the right building inspection service also requires some factors to consider.

Why Choose an Agency That Uses Advanced Technology and Equipment for Building Inspections In AU?

Buying a property is a huge investment, so it makes sense if you want to make sure that you are investing in a high-quality structure that will be worth your time and money in the long run. Building inspections in Perth are conducted for that reason. They are best done before you buy any form of property, so you can avoid costly repairs and mistakes down the line. The purpose of the inspection is to discover if there are any significant defects in the building, such as cracking or movement in walls, rising damp, a faulty roof, and other safety hazards. Perth home building inspections must be conducted only by an agency that specialises in them. Moreover, you need to make sure that they are conducted using advanced equipment and technology.

Pest and Termite Inspection in Perth: Opt for Secure Living
Pests can destroy your property and belongings, affecting your quality of life. Certain types of pest infestations such as termites can also compromise the integrity and strength of your building, thereby risking the safety of your tenants, too. No matter how old or new your property is, you need to consider calling a professional pest and termite inspection service in Perth. Inspections should be mandatory before you buy or sell property so you can be sure that the home or building is in good condition and not being threatened by infestation.
House Inspections in Perth - A Question & Answer Guide

New homebuyers tend to get a little too excited at the thought of buying and living in their dream home, and many of them forget to proceed with prudence. Don’t make the same mistake. If proceed to sign a real estate purchase contract without doing a house inspection, you might get into serious trouble and inconvenience.

All You Need to Know About a Dilapidation Survey in Perth

Assessments or surveys must be done before any demolition or construction project starts. As the landowner or a business owner of a construction company, you must understand that a dilapidation survey in Perth is necessary to ensure a smooth demolition or development process of your property.


No one wishes to spend their hard-earnt money on a house that is already damaged, or on the verge of getting damaged, due to termites or other wood destroying organisms. Termites are silent destroyers that have the potential to become a nightmare by bringing down your whole house. A regular inspection alone won’t suffice to detect the presence of these termites as they conquer the inner structure during the starting stages. It is mandatory to spend some money on termite and pest inspections before purchasing a house to avoid total destruction caused by these organisms. Here is all that you need to know about pest and termite inspection in Perth.


Most of us dream of owning a house and it is undoubtedly one of the greatest investments of our lifetime. Once we are financially stable to buy a house, the next dilemma arises whether we have made the right choice of house or not. There are many factors to be considered while buying a house that cannot be judged by us by just looking around the building. This is where pre-purchase building inspections become a lifesaver. Hence, know how to be a smart buyer by opting for pre-purchase building inspections in Perth.

Home Building Inspections – Be a Smart Buyer in Perth

Owning a home in the capital of Western Australia may be the realization of a dream made possible y dint of hard work and sacrifices.  It would be a lot prudent to exercise the option intelligently and choose a home that will actually last as long as claimed. Home buyers generally tend to go many factors such as façade of the home, neighbourhood, amenities and appearance of the home. However, one of the most important considerations actually needs to be information about the structural characteristics or strength of the home. Take a smart decision to acquire a property that will permit inhabitants to enjoy the home for a longer period.

Buying a Property in Perth? Pre Purchase Inspection is a Must

Acquisition of property is a huge decision and it is necessary to arrive at big decisions after considering many aspects. Moving into or occupying a property should not be decided on the basis of just the appearance or locational advantages, but on aspects of safety and additional costs. It really would make very little sense to spend money on repairs and modification periodically and repeatedly. Options exist to foresee such eventualities and take pre-emptive measures. Pre-purchase inspections in Perth have helped countless owners move into their properties with confidence. Read on to understand more about the benefits of such inspections.

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