A dilapidation survey is a part of the building and property inspection conducted when buyers are about to purchase a property. The dilapidation survey, also referred to as the pre-condition-inspection survey, examines the structural condition of any existing structures present in the land before the commencing of new development in the land. In Western Australia, it’s always important to go for a dilapidation survey in order to avoid future disputes with the other property owners. A dilapidation survey also ensures that any development of structures in the property won’t affect the land in negative ways in the future. So, if you are the property buyer, you should contact a reputed inspection agency to do the dilapidation survey for you.

What is a dilapidation survey?

While building inspection or pest inspection is the most common form of inspections performed before purchasing a land/ property, the dilapidation survey is still quite new to a lot of people. However, it’s one of the most important inspections one needs to perform before purchasing a land. A dilapidation survey in Perth is conducted by an inspector to observe the existing structures present in, or near to, the property. The survey notes down whether building, developing, or demolishing the existing structures could harm the land in any way. This inspection covers several forms of defects such as cracks, water seepage, movements, settlement, concrete distortion, and other building defects.

The purpose of a dilapidation survey

The dilapidation survey should be conducted before modifying the structures present in the land. Now, what’s the purpose of this inspection? Well, a dilapidation inspection is performed to get an accurate result of the structural conditions prior to the commencement of constructions and after the completion of constructions. While the neighbouring structures may not damage the property, it is always recommended to carry out a survey in order to avoid future disputes. The survey also acts as a property insurance, as it can help the buyer get compensation in case the property turns out to be defective in the immediate future.


There could be a lot of negative consequences in the property as a result of the modification, demolition, excavation, soil dewatering, etc. All these causes could lead to a lot of structural flaws, thus ruining the buyer’s property (or any building raised over it) in no time. Hence, a dilapidation survey in Perth is conducted as a precautionary measure. If you are the property owner, you can contact the best agency in Western Australia. They offer a range of inspections such as building and pest inspections, dilapidation inspections, and other surveys to help their clients. 

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