Have you found the dream home you've been looking for? Just before you close the deal with the seller, perform a pest and termite inspection in Perth first. This is necessary to ensure that the property you are eyeing is indeed safe to live in and is not a money pit. Here are three reasons why it’s a good idea to do termite and pest inspections before moving forward with the purchase.

  1. Identify any damage and infestation

Termites and pests can thrive in a home without people noticing it. They leave very little evidence of their existence. In fact, there's a chance that the seller may not be aware that the house is infested by these nasty insects. That's why hiring pros who have trained eyes and experience in inspections is absolutely important. They have the training, experience, and specialised tools necessary to spot the signs of structural damage caused by termites and pest.

  1. Avoid costly repairs later

Having termite and pest inspection in Perth carried out before the sale is finalised can save you money and save you from headaches later on. If the inspector finds out that the house is infested by pests and termite, you can ask the owner to perform the necessary repairs before selling the home to you.

  1. Make an informed decision

Based on their reports, you will know the real condition of the home you want to buy. Some people use the information they get to negotiate or bargain with the seller.

When hiring a professional for house inspection in Perth, be sure to look for experience. You can’t go wrong with a professional home inspector with a good track record and a long list of happy clients. Be sure to choose a certified inspector with the right credentials and training to perform termite inspection in Perth properly and safely. Reputable home inspectors will agree to provide a sample report. Check it out to see if they are thorough and meticulous when inspecting homes.

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