New homebuyers tend to get a little too excited at the thought of buying and living in their dream home, and many of them forget to proceed with prudence. Don’t make the same mistake. If proceed to sign a real estate purchase contract without doing a house inspection, you might get into serious trouble and inconvenience.

Q: Why is a house inspection as necessary?

A: Perth home and building inspections let you look beyond the obvious. Through a proper house inspection, you will discover the real quality of its entire structure without the fancy furniture and decoration the stager may have set up.

Q: What are the benefits of a house inspection?

A: House inspections in Perth can save you from buying a money pitfall. For example, it will reveal if the property has termite and other pest problems. With a detailed assessment of the potential house, you can weigh the pros and cons and arrive at a more informed decision. Since house inspections also record potential damage, you can plan preventative measures early on. There is peace of mind in knowing what steps you need to take to make your new home habitable and safe before you move in.

Q: Who should do a house inspection?

A: The best person for the job is a professional and experienced house inspector. Be sure to contact one from a reputable house inspection company. You want an inspector who follows a checklist and does not miss a thing. In fact, most lenders and home loan companies require a licensed inspector before you get approved.

Q: Are all types of house inspection included in the service?

A: The services included in Perth home and building inspections are not the same. Some inspectors only do termite or pest inspections while other companies will offer a three-in-one inspection plan, which is recommended to ensure that the house is better examined.

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  • Our inspectors have over 110 years collective experience.
  • We will arrange access with all necessary parties for your convenience.
  • You will receive a confirmed quote including a Sample Report/Scope of Inspection after your estimate.
  • Fully insured for professional indemnity and public liability.
  • Complimentary Infrared scanning.
One visit,three Inspections
State of the artThermal inspections
Report in just36 hours
Structural and Timber Pestcertification provided