Assessments or surveys must be done before any demolition or construction project starts. As the landowner or a business owner of a construction company, you must understand that a dilapidation survey in Perth is necessary to ensure a smooth demolition or development process of your property.

What is a dilapidation survey?

This survey assesses the condition of a property, including its current internal and external status. A dilapidation survey report should detail any structural faults or defects such as leakages, cracks, subsidence, distortion, and spilling concrete, to name a few. Professional assessors or inspectors also record potential damage. They submit photographs aside from the written report.

What are the things inspected during the dilapidation survey?

The job of the professional assessors is to inspect the condition of the ceilings, roof, roof gutters, walls, flooring, and tiling of the property. They should be able to identify any sign of deterioration within the overall structure and its fixtures. Service pits, downpipes, as well as the footpaths and crossovers surrounding the property must be carefully and thoroughly surveyed.

What are the purposes and advantages of a dilapidation survey?

Potential disputes between a property owner and contractor because of the damage brought about by construction or demolition work can be avoided or settled through a dilapidation survey. Contractors in Perth should always do dilapidation surveys and pre-construction condition reports to protect themselves from property owners who will take advantage of the money they could receive by providing erroneous damage claims. In the same manner, these surveys can also help property owners file legal cases against bad contractors.


It is important to hire third-party and independent assessors for the dilapidation survey job. They should have a proven reputation for being honest and transparent in assessing and giving detailed reports, as well as in helping resolve arguments between conflicting parties.

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