Pests can destroy your property and belongings, affecting your quality of life. Certain types of pest infestations such as termites can also compromise the integrity and strength of your building, thereby risking the safety of your tenants, too. No matter how old or new your property is, you need to consider calling a professional pest and termite inspection service in Perth. Inspections should be mandatory before you buy or sell property so you can be sure that the home or building is in good condition and not being threatened by infestation.

Building and pest inspection services in Perth are conducted using a combination of conventional and advanced methods. Inspections often start with a visual examination of the building for any signs of pests and termites that may have built their nest on the exterior surfaces of a building. From there, inspectors will use advanced equipment to look into the hidden areas of the property.

Professional pest and termite inspection in Perth will provide solid evidence on past and existing infestations. If you are buying property, that information can be a powerful aspect in your negotiation, as you can have treatment costs requested in case any damage is discovered. Just be sure to hire inspectors who are certified in thermography and accredited by the Introspection Institute. That way, you can be sure that they are knowledgeable and have completed the relevant CP30911 Pest Management to make themselves qualified to conduct inspections in Australia. You need to make sure that they have been police-checked and cleared, and that they are covered by public liability and professional indemnity insurance.

A building and pest inspection in Perth should help you save a lot of money down the line. It can be a small investment in your part, and it can be cheaper when compared to the tens of thousands of dollars you might have to spend on repairs and rebuilding. The pest and termite inspection specialist will provide a comprehensive report on your property’s full condition, and it will include any damages that have been caused by pests. That way, you can make a smarter decision before you finalise the purchase.

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  • Our inspectors have over 110 years collective experience.
  • We will arrange access with all necessary parties for your convenience.
  • You will receive a confirmed quote including a Sample Report/Scope of Inspection after your estimate.
  • Fully insured for professional indemnity and public liability.
  • Complimentary Infrared scanning.
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State of the artThermal inspections
Report in just36 hours
Structural and Timber Pestcertification provided