Before moving into a new home most individuals look at a few parameters for understanding the condition and suitability of a home. Most of these parameters are however related to the appearance, amenities and access to utilities. Prudent decisions however, include a home inspection report to ensure the safety of the occupants of the residence. The advantages of home building inspections in Perth are numerous, of which three are outlined below.

Pre-emptive action to prevent heavy infestation of pests and termites

New homes may appear safe for would be occupants. However, many individuals do not realise that the nature of buildings and the condition of new buildings may actually turn out to be conducive to infestation by pests and termites. Damp structures and inferior timber in buildings are most conducive for pests and termites to reside.  A comprehensive inspection by experts will reveal the condition of the buildings and the probability of future infestation by termites and pests.

Thermal imaging to reveal condition of insulation and wiring

Thermal imaging by experienced building inspectors will reveal the condition of the insulation and the wiring. For instance, poor insulation or wiring will reflect on the thermal imaging reports as hot spots with radiation. Awareness of the spots will help individuals to take up proper remedial measures to correct the faults to ensure a safer environment at the time of occupation and in the future. The right equipment handled by experienced inspectors will map the spots that could manifest into troublesome areas.

Condition of timber in buildings

A proper inspection will reveal the actual condition of the timber and help prospective home owners to seek replacement of the timber. Prior to signing agreements for purchase or lease or rentals, it is always prudent to seek the services of a qualified and experienced agency so as to understand the condition of the timber in the buildings. In Perth and elsewhere in Australia, timber is used in sizeable proportions in buildings, and poor quality timber may contribute to a weak structure.  Timely action will prevent manifestation of the condition into situations that require expensive intervention.

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