Owning a home in the capital of Western Australia may be the realization of a dream made possible y dint of hard work and sacrifices.  It would be a lot prudent to exercise the option intelligently and choose a home that will actually last as long as claimed. Home buyers generally tend to go many factors such as façade of the home, neighbourhood, amenities and appearance of the home. However, one of the most important considerations actually needs to be information about the structural characteristics or strength of the home. Take a smart decision to acquire a property that will permit inhabitants to enjoy the home for a longer period.

Pre-purchase inspections

Pre-purchase inspections arm proposed occupants of a building or home with information on the actual structural strength of the building against the visually seen or presumed strength of the building. A cursory look at the building will never offer information about the actual defects or weaknesses in the structure. A coat of paint is all that is required to hide and camouflage defects. It takes a trained eye and the right equipment to ferret out information that will enlighten proposed home owners.

Move in with reassurance of a safe construction

More often than not occupants of buildings understand the weaknesses of buildings long after they have taken possession. It is better to move into a building or home after ascertaining the actual condition and the expected life of the building. No one would really want to reside in a home with a very poor threshold to withstand the vagaries of nature. It is also important to take up residence in a pest free atmosphere.

Woodwork and the termites’ conundrum

Woodwork is generally preferred in homes, both for the aesthetics and the functionality. However, timber in buildings can be prone to termite infestations unseen to the naked eye. A pre-construction inspection by experienced teams of professionals unearths information about the existence or threat of termites. As per the ‘Timber Pest Pre-Purchase Inspection Clause’, prospective buyers are entitled to seek termination of contract if the seller is unwilling to take remedial measures on the basis of inspection reports.

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