Water may be essential to human life, BUT it can spell death for a household. Water damage is a very serious and leading cause of structural damage in homes. Whether it be due to a lack of attention or simply a freak accident, all homeowners at one stage will experience some form of water damage related issue in their house!

In most cases, the problems usually present themselves in subtle ways before evolving into bigger issues. Follow these simple steps to help see whether your household is perhaps affected by a water related problem, and rectify them before they get too large!

  1. Check the Walls – Water stains on the walls and ceilings are the most tell-tale sign of water damage. These unusual signs should be taken seriously – they could be a sign of a leak of some sought inside the wall. Observing window and door frames, as well as looking for cracks in the wall are also important aspects to consider when looking for water damage.

  1. Check the Floors – Any type of flooring can be affected by water! Look for any warping or buckling of floors – especially in lower areas such as the basement. If the floor doesn’t look normal, water damage if most likely the cause. Also look for white or dark stains on wooden floors, damp carpeting or simply a general smell of dampness and mould.

  1. Check the Pipes – Piping in the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry or any other room with water flowing should be inspected. Look for corrosion around the pipe connections, leaks or water stains. Missing grout or signs of mould can also be a sign of water damage. If you have a water heater check for wet spots on the floor and rust on the tank.

  1. Check the Roof – Check for stains, mould and other signs of leaks – especially to the valleys where two roof planes come together, flashing where the roof meets the walls and around roof vents and chimneys in the attic. Insulation should be dry and in good condition.

  1. Check the Exterior – Ensure the exterior of the roof isn’t missing any materials. Standing water anywhere outside the house could be a sign of a problem – it could be due to poor drainage in the yard, leaky gutters or gutter spouts that don’t take water far enough from the house. If planning on building a house ensure that it is situated on the highest point of the property – with the ground sloping away from the house.

Sometimes the water damage to a household may not be as straightforward and easily observed as explained in this article. Choice Building Inspections offer home and building inspections for all issues – including water damage. We use state of the art thermal imaging technology to identify hidden/internal problems and prevent them from causing more damage further down the track.



If you’re thinking about getting your house inspected, consider our infrared building inspections. As this technology allows us to easily see the extent of any damage caused by flooding or leaks. Save yourself the potential monetary and emotional headaches that water damage can create!

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